• Do you think the arrest was justified?

  • Which character most resonated with you in The Angel?

  • Which character would you like to see much more of in a book on their own?

  • How do you think Imogen handled her relationship with Dean?

  • Do you think she went too far when she was questioning Dean?

  • Was Dean right in what he did or should he have left it to the police?

  • Which character in the prison would you most like to share a cell with?

  • Did you feel as though Gabriel got stronger or weaker as the book went on?

  • Do you think Gabriel handled prison well? What would you do differently?

  • Should Imogen give up her job, or Dean?

  • Was Adrian right to get involved with Lucy knowing there was a target on his back?

  • Was Dominic right?

  • Did Dominic get what he deserved?

Any questions you think should be added to the list?