On my favourite TV Cop Partnerships Pt1

I love cop shows and police procedural shows, from Law and order, to Life on mars. Here are some of my favourites


Benson and Stabler - I love these two - and I love how in the series we know just enough about their personal life to care about them, without being bogged down in the pointless stuff. its more about their cases and their reactions to them. Special Victims Unit deals with sexual crimes or crimes involving especially vulnerable people. Before watching SVU I felt as though the crimes they were investigating were things that are not readily talked about in society (more so now) and that maybe these stories were gratuitous. BUt upon watching a few episodes I became addicted to it and it was largely because of these characters. Olivia Benson is a strong but gentle woman. Stabler is an angry righteous man. It makes for a strong and loyal partnership. There was some sexual tension there, but in all honesty, it was deeper than that.



Strong Hard New York women. When I was a kid we watched this and I remember thinking that they were amazing. As a kid I always saw Christine as the pretty one. But they were both just normal attractive women. I struggle with the trend of only having beautiful people on Tv these days, I'm glad that it finally seems to be moving back to having non-perfect people. Some women don't wear make up, some women don't wear heels, some women swear or pick their noses or wear their clothes for three days in a row. Women are people, too. I had no idea that sharon gless wasn't in season 1 - Her joining the show definitely raised its profile. Also the catchy theme tune was added in season 2. The chemistry with these 2 women was brilliant, and also they were plausible cops.



Linden and Holder were a great partnership - I found Linden incredibly dour and with everyone else she was quite irritating but when she was with Holder she was entirely more bearable. I liked the look of holder, i liked his vulnerability and also his shadiness. Joel Kinnaman was brilliant in this role - He probably inspired Imogen more than any other TV cop. I thought he really challenged my perception of what a TV cop was - but he was good inside, and I like that. Their partnership is why i stuck out 4 seasons, I struggled with the first 2 seasons to be honest, it all dragged on a little for me. Once case a season is about as much as I can handle.



Mulder and Scully were brilliant together. The banter was what made the show stand out. I think watching the x files is a great way to gain insight into a perfect cop buddy partnership if you're thinking about writing a story with one in.



Frank Pembleton and Tim Bayliss were such great characters. They fought constantly but they respected each other - and they agreed where it mattered. We never realise until the end just how close they actually are - and its heartbreaking. Frank was so intense and Tim seemed to be so easy going and vulnerable at times but they were like two halves of the same coin. The dialogue and storytelling of Homicide is unmatched by any other show if you ask me.



Shaun and Gus in Psych - although not technically cops - they work in the police as consultants. I loved Psych and I watched it from beginning to end. I don't know why it worked but it did. Its LIGHT entertainment but with heart. I love their friendship and how Shaun is constantly taking advantage of gus, who ultimately enjoys it. Best friends. Great show.



Now originally when I watched life on Mars i watched the US version. I really didnt enjoy it, it was dull and lacked personality - and was confusing. A few years later i bit the bullet and started watching the British one - I didnt sleep for a week as i worked my way through both Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes. I think the appeal was just remembering those times, but only very vaguely as I wasn't in the seventies for long and I was very young. It was a strange nostalgia because its not a time I would ever want to return to. But it was interesting - especially with Sam as us, from our era, pointing out the more obvious of the things we now think of as bizarre. Great fun, but also very deep in places.



What was interesting about this is how the dynamic completely changed when they put a woman in - not just the dynamic but we saw a completely different side to Gene hunt's character. While i was devstated at the loss of Sam, I think Alex was brilliant. Their relationship was brimming with sexual tension.


There are loads more cop partnerships that are great and i might remind you of them at some other point. These are the ones for now.