On Internal Affairs

I just watched the movie Internal Affairs. Its a pretty old movie, it must be because I remember watching it the first time with my grandparents who have both since passed away. I must have been about 14 or 15 the first time I saw it. Apart from having to cringe my way through the sex scenes with my grandparents in the room - Sex scenes that were pretty tame by today's standards - but still, nipples were involved.

This movie is somewhat of a comfort blanket for me, possibly a strange movie to pick I grant you but its just so good. I'm not sure what got my attention the most. Admittedly I did have a massive thing for Andy Garcia and also another huge thing for Nancy Travis so it seemed somewhat inevitable that I would love this movie. I have seen it upwards of fifty times, I am sure about that.

Basically its a story about a young IA officer who decides to go after a shady cop - but a shady cop with a good arrest record and a lot of friends in high places.

I find the movie quite shocking in places, and I love to be surprised, even now, I just cant believe the bloody nerve of Dennis Peck (Richard Gere) and the things he says to Andy Garcia, the way he just manipulates him and winds him up. I think what I like most about it, is the coldness of Gere's character, total psycho he is! I had only ever really known Richard Gere in things like pretty woman (which I hate) and Officer and a Gentleman. So this character was completely alien to me. The way he deals with Van stretch (william baldwin is so COLD - it was brilliant - and horrible obvs) Dennis Peck is one of my favourite movie bad guys. EVER.

Then we get onto Raymond's (Andy Garcia) relationship with his wife Kathleen (Nancy Travis) - so insecure, both obviously fancying the pants off eachother but lacking trust, possible feeling inadequate as though they dont deserve each other. Peck sees this insecurity in Ray and starts to exploit it. Peck makes Ray believe that he has been intimate with Kathleen and that she loved it. My favourite part of the movie is where he walks up to her in the restaurant and asks her who she had lunch with, then it escalates to the point where he wallops her across the face. Its horrible, jarring and very dramatic - but still you feel sorry for poor old Ray who has totally fallen for Pecks bullshit.

I love Raymonds Journey in the film, he really goes through it. its his first assignment as an IA officer and everyone he used to be friends with at the academy doesnt want anything to do with him anymore. he thinks he is doing the right thing by being IAD rather naively. He's basically alone apart from his partner. he struggled with his own morality and guilt throughout the film.

I also liked the music, atmosphere and feel of the film. It feels like another place, a real place. It feels corrupt and it also feels quite seedy. I also like the violence in the film, its all totally necessary - its such a clean story, nothing is wasted, nothing means nothing, everything has its place. If you haven't seen it already I would urge you to.