On not having enough time to write

The truth is, there is always time to write but it’s all about priorities. So what if my house looks like it’s been reverse burgled whereby the perpetrators actually put more stuff IN my house than was there originally. seriously why do I have so much stuff? The issue for me about finding time to write is not finding the time, the time is there, and I can sit at the computer and NOTHING will happen because mentally I can’t switch off to all the other crap I have going on. Do you write better when everything else is done? or doesn't it make a difference? If it doesn't make a difference, then write first - do your other crap later. If it DOES bother you? do the other things first and absolutely do not try and write, you just end up ten times more frustrated and less likely to be able to produce anything worth a damn. In a perfect world you would learn to tune out the other stuff, if writing is what you want to do, if being an author is the only possible career you can imagine yourself in, then write, ITS YOUR JOB.

You can’t go to work and then say I need to pop home and mow my lawn, I need to take my car to the garage, I need to do this, that or the other... You can’t, you are getting paid to do that work, and so you need to actually do the work. The work is what's important. I have to remember that now, everything else takes a back-seat and I put in my 6 hours a day (pretty cool working hours - of course sometimes it’s more or less)

So, my advice on this is BE SELFISH, put yourself and your writing first and get your stuff done. I am doing just that at the moment, of course, I am getting other stuff one at the same time, I just do it after.