On finishing your first draft

I finished my first draft last Thursday. (Hooray!) I have been casually going through it since then, and I have to say - so far, I don't hate myself! (which is nice) It’s taken me roughly a year to write this book (not finished yet!) I'm not going to lie, it was hard, and it was a process that consisted of 30% research (surfing the net) 45% procrastination (self-loathing) and 25% actual writing - include in that the extra twenty thousand words that will never be seen again (including by me, who wrote them in notebooks and forgot where I left them).

I have identified 5 key scenes that need my attention, just from memory because there are things that I have added that now need to be "mentioned" earlier. There are various things that I don't like and there are some loose ends that need to be addressed. What I find funny is that I can watch TV shows or read books and be able to identify exactly what's great or crap about them - but when it comes to my own work I find myself completely blind. Which is why it’s nice to have a reader - someone who can go through it and see all the holes - because I know all the answers I don't always see the holes.

My main concern with this book is that it’s not the same as the last one - of course that's a good thing in many ways but where I went to the extreme with the violent and gory descriptions in the last book I haven't done that in this one. It’s a little messier and there may be one too many coincidences (but it is set in a small city) however I think the psychological aspect is a little darker, at least for me. I just hope that the expectation won’t diminish the impact of the story.

I promised I wouldn't write another blog post until I had finished writing my first draft and so I apologise it has taken me so long. I'm still not sure if my final words are the exact ones I am going to be using, but I am happy that I got all the plot points I wanted in - and I overshot the word-count I wanted to achieve by 10k words.

I'm considering writing a YA book for NaNoWriMo, I have never taken part before, and I may be too busy - but I am thinking that it might be good to take my mind off my "crime thriller series" I need a mental break. OR I might just write a vague outline for the book - even though I can only generally write the first half - and this time I would like a more definite direction to keep to - and an overall conclusion that I want to reach.

Anyway....until next time,