Some of the rejection notes I received for The Teacher

Well - the truth is that I am fine with it - because i Understand how subjective it is - I have read plenty of books that were recommended to me and hated them, I have read things that my friends loved and just not "got it" and so its understandable that not everyone who reads my books is going to love it. I got an update from my agent this morning with details of the 8 rejections that I received. and by details I mean criticisms, or basically observations on why they didnt want to publish it.

It would be easy for me just to focus on the bad - here are some of the negative comments i received.

  • I felt that the main characters needed more rounding out as it didn't keep me gripped like it should.

  • I didn’t find myself quite as gripped as I was hoping to be by the narrative

  • it’s one of those cases where there’s much to admire, but somehow I didn’t quite fall in love enough to want to pursue further

  • I don’t find the writing exceptional. It’s good, but I don’t think it’s wow.

  • I think it was the writing more than the plotting that I couldn’t engage with

  • I struggled with the way in which characters were described, which struck me as rather anatomical at times

OK so when I look at it as a list like that, its not too bad, those were pretty much all of the negatives - now lets look at the positives

  • I really liked the characters of Abbey and Parker. I thought that their relationship was a tender juxtaposition for the more brutal murders that were taking place

  • It's a complex plot that poses interesting questions about right and wrong

  • It’s well-written and an enjoyable read

  • It’s a gut-wrenching tale – very affecting, and I thought Diamond did a good job marshalling the various perspectives

  • I read a large chunk of this over the weekend and have been deliberating all day

  • The opening is incredibly chilling, unsettling and gripping, and I admired Katerina’s ability to evoke a mood, to build an atmosphere which plunges the reader into the story.

There are some other positives here and there - overall i would say 55% positive and no one said it was utter crap . But it was so hard to read and not just focus on the bad stuff. my agent will speak to me again in the week she has about 13 more agents to come back to her about it. I guess its just been a rollercoaster since submitting and then getting an agent and getting pitched to a bunch of people. I think realistically i would have been more perturbed if someone had loved it! Onwards and upwards!