Procrastination aka the devil

We've all been there. The only time I get any housework done is when I am approaching a deadline. In fact - whichever of my tasks is the most pressing, that is the task i always want to do the least!

Today was my first day of FORCING myself to write 2000 words. i just did it, i wrote those damn words. It took me all day, and what I wrote wasn't anything ground-breaking but damn do i feel good. i set myself a goal and then i stuck to it. - its true - don't be a writer, anyone can be a writer - be writing!

I did it though, today i bloody did it, I feel good for it, even though i had to force myself to sit here until it was done. i worked hard for every single word. Some days i sit down and i can knock out 2000 words in 45 minutes and they are pure gold. these are the days when you need to make yourself write.

Lets see if i can get it again tomorrow - tomorrow is a busy day, I have no time to sit here all day and force myself to write - but i need those 2000 words. even if i scribble them on a napkin while i am on the bus its all the same to me.