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katerina diamond

I'm a crime thriller writer living in Kent. I write the DS Imogen Grey and DS Adrian Miles books, set in Exeter. Currently working on my second standalone thriller out next year. 

My publishing Journey started several years ago. I started writing when my son was a toddler as I was going a little stir crazy at home. Originally I tried my hand at writing screenplays but after more than ten years I gave that up. A friend of mine convinced me to come to a local women's writing group. I moved house and was without internet for a month, in that month I managed to write 30,000 words of a story. I fell in love with my characters and decided I needed to write a novel with them. Then a local competition came up, it was £5 for a morning mentoring and then we had to write the opening paragraph of a book. I decided to write a new opening for the story I had created and although I had entered the competition a couple of times before and not placed. this time I won. With the help of the judges from the competition over the next year I completed writing my book. I sent the book off to several agents and then (after four rejections) I signed with Diane Banks - Now Northbank Talent. After around twenty rejections I got a 2 book publishing deal with Avon Books. Avon changed the title of my book to The Teacher and the rest is history. 

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